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I love Ping-pong the Animation!

Totally rocks. Who cares about the visual style—it got everything else! It has plot that feels shonen but it feels not-shonen at the same time. It left me fired up after watch all 11 episodes, so it should be shonen! The characters, damn. I love how they make a character’s personality and behavior feels so realistic and relatable. I hate Kong, Kazama, and  Smile at the first time, but in 11 episodes, the studio make me loves them. Peco… I always like his unique traits from the first time, and I love him even more after the development he went through. The music are so fitting the anime’s pace; they help the tension built so good sometimes I felt shivering because it awed me.

Gosh, in my case : Ping-Pong the Animation is the best anime for this season, period. You guys should watch it too!

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Oh God, it’s been a long time since my last time feeling this thumping heartbeats for watching an anime. This feeling reminds me a lot when I get impulsively motivated after watching Captain Tsubasa and Slamdunk.

Ping-Pong, despite the inconventional graphic, provide a high-spirited plot of sports and has a great way for presenting it.

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*Currently holding himself for not throw some tsukkomis over the internet*

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Togashi got his HunterXHunter 2011 remake. This year, it’s time for his wife to get her Sailormoon 2014 remake. Shall we pray once again for Togashi, hoping him for getting a remake for Yu Yu Hakusho?

Imagine that splendid Yu Yu Hakusho getting rebooted by GAINAX, or at least designed by Nishigori. Yusuke as cool as Simon, Kuwabara as badass as Kittan, while Keiko and Botan as cute as Haruka and Chihaya 

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Quickpoll : Idolm@ster or Love Live! ?

Hey guys, I need a quick responds. Here’s the case : Imma gonna make a merchandise stuffs for AFA 2014, and can’t decide myself to go for Idolm@ster or Love Live! fandom. Could you give me your opinion (and your reason behind the choice would be gladly accepted!), and share this to anyone you know that into this two fandoms? Thanks :D

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I mentioned before some of my favorite character designs in the world of comics and have been meaning to tackle this subject again. I came to realize, however, that “character design” is itself a fairly massive subject, and that it would be best to break the topic…